Managed CI & CD Service summary

This service description extends the basic Eficode ROOT Service description with more detailed Managed CI/CD service information.

NOTE: as of today, the services described in this document apply in their full extent to Jenkins based CI/CD systems. Eficode uses similar methods and provides managed CI/CD services also to alternative CI/CD automation based tool chains - for example Gitlab, Atlassian Bamboo and GoCD

Service Principles

Eficode service principles:

  • We see ourselves as enablers, not as gatekeepers 
  • We provide the services with a minimal end user rule set necessary to guarantee optimal system performance
  • All rules that limit the functions or features available for the end users have a solid grounding related to system security, stability and performance 
  • We listen to customer and customer team specific requests and requirements and modify the rule set as feasible

Service Benefits

Eficode ROOT Managed CI & CD service benefits include:

  • The Eficode ROOT support and maintenance team makes sure all CI/CD system modifications (software upgrades, plugins, extensions, integrations, new tools) are done in a safe and managed way, without breaking any existing functionality
  • Fast CI/CD system deployment provides a fast track to having a DevOps-capable software assembly line 
  • The system is pre-integrated to support tool-to-tool information sharing
  • Eficode ROOT proactive maintenance services make sure the platform is properly scaled, always available, and up-to-date
  • The system is easily expandable with new tools and tool extensions, based on the customer requirements
  • The Eficode ROOT support team helps with the system usage and development, especially in highly demanding admin tasks
  • Eficode ROOT CI/CD system scales together with the customer organisation, as the number of users and projects increases over time. We manage business critical CI/CD systems with thousands of users.
  • Eficode’s professional services, whether leadership-focused, guiding cultural transformation, or hands-on implementation of automated software delivery pipelines, is readily available 
  • Economies of scale in support and maintenance operations enables cost-effective service pricing

Included services

Eficode managed CI/CD service includes the following:

  • Monitoring and maintenance to ensure 24/7 availability for the CI/CD system, following the Eficode Service Level Agreement
  • Incident management, unless the incident is caused by Customer’s incorrect use of the systems 
  • Eficode hosted private cloud installation: server infrastructure cost, including 200GB of common storage space and 2GB of per user storage space. 
  • Public cloud installation: environment management (infrastructure is charged separately)
  • Support and platform development personnel availability up to 24/7/365.
  • Security related software updates
  • Up to four version upgrades per calendar year
  • Disaster recovery plans and rehearsals
  • Software license management
  • Backups  
  • Availability of on-demand support personnel

For more information on the services above, please refer to the Eficode ROOT main Service Description at

Along with the managed DevOps tooling services, Eficode offers a portfolio of value added services including DevOps maturity assessments, hands-on automated pipeline implementation, and training. See for details.

System Scope

A complete managed CI/CD system includes the following tools, integrated together to form a complete, automated SW assembly line:

  • Version control
  • CI/CD automation tool + the required extensions
  • Artifact storage
  • Tools for static code analysis, open source components security scans, automated testing and deployments

All customer instances do not have to include all above tooling. It is possible for us to offer a subset of functionality and adding new tools and integrations.