Eficode ROOT Team Management provides a centralised user, group and access management for a wide selection of DevOps tools. It integrates with the rest of the Eficode ROOT DevOps platform tools and provides a single, intuitive user interface for team and tool level access management throughout the toolchain. 

Eficode ROOT Team Management enables project and team level permission management by the project personnel. This means the teams no longer have to create work requests to a company AD Admin while granting tool access rights to new or existing team members.

Eficode ROOT Team Management integrates with the existing access control infrastructure, specifically Active Directory, Azure AD and LDAP. Existing users and groups are synchronised into Eficode ROOT Team Management, where they are re-created as Eficode ROOT Team Management users and groups. Users and groups in the external directory are not impacted, and the external directory can still be used. Any updates to the users and groups in the external directory are synchronised into Eficode ROOT Team Management regularly.

In addition to synchronising users and groups from the external directory, Eficode ROOT Team Management includes a local LDAP user database. The local user database allows quickly granting tool access to personnel not present in the integrated user management systems. 

Eficode ROOT Team Management supports SAML 2.0-based Single Sign-On.