Migrated tools and assets

The following tools are typically part of the project by project (or team-by-team) migration process

  • Version control (such as Atlassian Bitbucket)
  • CI/CD pipeline automation tools (such as Jenkins)

New tools that do not require migration

The following tools will set up as fresh installations and onboarded, as necessary, during the project migration and onboarding phase:

  • Eficode ROOT Team Management
  • Eficode ROOT Insights 
  • Other tools that have not been in customer use in the past

Migration sequence

Project by project migration process will involve multiple tools, migrated and/or on-boarded one by one during the migration process. The migration phase may also include refactoring or optimising  project pipelines, as necessary.

After a few project migrations done in close collaboration between Eficode and the customer, the customer teams, in most cases, are able to continue the migrations more independently, based on guidelines provided by Eficode. Eficode assistance will be available via on-demand support service.

Migration and onboarding steps (typical case)

  • Evaluate the CI/CD migration requirements with team
  • Migrate git for testing
  • Provide integration guidelines for Eficode ROOT Insights and evaluation of what is required
  • Test CI/CD pipelines against all the requirements
  • Check that everything works as expected
  • Customer Team evaluation together with Eficode
  • Begin using the new environment

Version control migration

Relevant projects and/or repositories will be migrated mostly as they are. The need for optimization (e.g. removal of binaries, restructuring of projects and repositories) will be estimated case by case. 

CI/CD pipeline migrations

Migration of the project specific pipelines. The migration process may include optimising the pipelines for the target system, removal of unnecessary steps, migrations from UI configured jobs to code configured jobs etc. 

Optimization needs will be analysed case by case, although some common patterns are expected to arise during the overall migration process.

New tool onboardings

Eficode ROOT Team Management

Onboarding steps include

  • Creation of the necessary project groups
  • Adding relevant people as group members
  • Setting the tool specific permission management configurations

Eficode ROOT Insights

Onboarding steps include

  • Creation of the project in Eficode ROOT Insights
  • Setting up the data collectors
  • Setup of necessary project practices and automation to enable data collection
  • Making sure the dashboards function as expected 

Licences during the migration phase

If necessary, the target systems will use developer licenses, until the process is complete and the production licences can be transferred from the source system.