Microsoft Azure Devops 



User access management

  • Grant developer access to the system
  • Access to any third party tooling (such as Sonarqube or Artifactory)
  • Access to necessary Azure runtime environments - dev, staging, pro
  • Modification of the roles and permissions


  • Process definition and implementation as a board
  • Trainings, security check, team exam, certification, tool access
  • Customized workflows, if necessary

Azure Boards management

  • Workflow template implementation
  • Custom workflows, fields etc

Azure Pipelines management

  • Build, deploy test templates 
  • Quality gate definitions
  • On-demand support for setting up the pipelines

Enable work tracking (requires the use of best practices) with dashboards

  • Test coverage analysis, smart commits, use of pull requests
  • Dashboards setup and development according to needs
  • Build status
  • OS component security scans
  • Code analysis
  • Logs
  • Chatops (new tickets created, build status, alerts)

Release checklists

  • Creation of and modifications to the new release checklists

Azure monitoring

  • Monitoring scope definition
  • Monitoring system setup
  • Monitoring setup for projects
  • Log management and definitions

Third party tool maintenance and support

  • Setting up new 3rd party tools and extensions
  • Security patching
  • Version upgrades
  • Environment management
  • Incident management
  • On-demand support

Atlassian Cloud 



User management

  • Permission schema definition, roles and access rights
  • Permission management, on-demand


  • Defined as aboard in the ticketing system for tracking purposes
  • Trainings, security check, team exam, certification, tool access
  • Workflow modifications (as necessary)

Jira and Trello boards

  • Workflow design and implementation
  • Plugin selection and setup
  • Reporting and monitoring (for example with PowerBI)
  • Jira best practices, advanced usage
  • Automations, implementation and maintenance
  • New feature demos
  • Cross-project views


  • Confluence best practices, advanced usage
  • Plugin selection and setup
  • New feature demos
  • Knowledge base optimization
  • Permission and search optimizations


  • DVCS migrations and usage
  • Pull request optimizations
  • Pull request usage guidance, gates etc.
  • Bitbucket pipelines implementation consultation and support

Opsgenie monitoring

  • System (tool and infra) integrations, creation of shifts and alarms
  • Setting the reporting channels
  • Choosing the best opsgenie license tier lanning of the best possible lifts from opsgenie to tools
  • Best integration practices with other tools in the Atlassian stack
  • Statuspage automations
  • Reporting and escalation workflows
  • Incident planning and management
  • On-call planning, alarms
  • Analytics 
  • Opsgenie usage with on-premise environments
  • Escalations and calls 


  • Statuspage design and creation
  • Integrations 
  • Reporting and alarms


  • Jira Service Desk ITIL processes
  • Jira Align and portfolio management
  • Cross product tool usage patterns
  • 3rd party tools and extensions

Amazon Web Services 




  • Guidance on selecting the most optimat branching strategy
  • Management of code commit repositories
  • Backups
  • Permission management


  • Integrations with supporting tools
  • Custom build agents
  • Analytics
  • Reporting/alerting
  • Docker builds
  • YAML pipeline definition
  • Templated builds


  • Integrations
  • Environment definitions
  • Cloud template development
  • Definition of deployment processes
  • On-premise environment definitions
  • Workflows definitions, ways-of-working
  • Hook definitions 
  • Blue/green and other rest of the deployment policies 


  • Log management
  • Monitoring and alarm configurations
  • Analytics and dashboards


  • Visual release pipelines
  • Release plans and integrations


  • Setup of the application performance monitoring system

Code Artifact

  • Setup of and for the support of the binary management system


  • Setup and on-demand support




User management

  • Organization setup
  • Permissions
  • Authentication

Version control

  • Getting started with GitHub
  • Trainings
  • Git usage courses
  • Migrations (e.g. from SVN)

GitHub Actions

  • Customized agents

Github issues

  • Integrations with other tools (e.g. Jira)

GitHub Enterprise (hosted) 

  • Setup and maintenance, on-demand support