Reference Tooling

Eficode ROOT offers ready made tooling combinations for customers that wish to use the tools we have pre-selected based on our experience working with dozens of tools for decades. These combinations are easy and fast to take into use, robust, and available from cloud environments.

Custom Tooling

Eficode ROOT also supports fully customizable tooling combinations and an on premise option. Here the setup requires a bit of planning together with the customer. In any case once the tools have been selected the process is easy and straightforward. On premise option will however typically take a bit longer to set up depending on the surrounding infrastructure.

Service Lifecycle

The Eficode ROOT service offering expands across the full platform life-cycle, from platform design and setup to continuous platform operation and development. 

Figure 1. Service lifecycle overview

The platform setup phase (in case of custom environments) includes platform design and installation in the chosen environment. Integration is part of the setup process and includes setting up the necessary networking, user management, and tooling connectivity with existing customer-side infrastructure. 

Once the platform is fully integrated it is ready for project onboarding, which may include data migration from existing project resources.

The continuous service phase covers the basic day-to-day platform operation with proactive platform maintenance activities and on-demand support service. Platform development includes e.g. new tool installations, extensions, and integrations.