Eficode ROOT integrates with the existing customer networking infrastructure along with tools outside the managed Eficode ROOT service scope.

User Management

Eficode ROOT integrates with the following corporate user management systems:

  • Active Directory
  • Azure AD
  • ADFS and other SAML2 based SSO solutions
  • All LDAP compliant systems

The recommended way of doing the integration is via Eficode ROOT Team Management (RTM) component, but it can also be done directly with the main corporate user directory. Eficode ROOT Team Management synchronizes with the main user directory and enables project personnel to control access to the relevant project assets directly via RTM, without having to request the access rights tool-by-tool from corporate level user directory administrators.

Secure connectivity

Eficode ROOT integrates with rest of the customer infrastructure via secure VPN connections.

Other integrations

Integrations to tools outside the managed service scope:

  • Cloud-based tools such as Slack
  • Existing customer or third party tools, which are not part of the Eficode managed service