Eficode ROOT Packages

Eficode ROOT is available in all shapes and sizes. We support everything from single tool setups to all-in-one DevOps platforms to best of breed hybrid toolchains. Figure one illustrates typical ways to package Eficode ROOT service.

Figure 1. Eficode ROOT example packages

All-In-One DevOps Platform

Eficode ROOT "All-InOne" environment option consists of primarily one pre-integrated DevOps platform such as GitLab or Github. The environment is tailored to the customer use case, security and compliance requirements and scope. Additionally we can add supplementary tools for all or part of the users in case the all-in-one platform doesn't offer enough flexibility for special use cases.

Best of Breed

Eficode ROOT "Best of Breed" environment option consists from multiple tools. Each of the tools are integrated but run in their own environments. An example architecture is described in the image below. The example image should be considered as an overview of how each part of the system communicates with each other. Please see platform tooling for more information and details about tools that are available in Eficode ROOT platform. Network layout and used protocols are omitted from the image for security reasons. For User Rights Management, we suggest using Eficode ROOT Team Management (RTM) as it has been developed and optimized specifically for DevOps platform user rights management.

Other Packages and Options

We also offer fully Atlassian focused platforms and CI/CD oriented platforms as pre-integrated options for those not looking for a single tool nor a full fledged platform.