Eficode ROOT provides a variety of options for environment selection. We strongly recommend the cloud environment as it is typically the most cost effective solution when combined with the rest of the Eficode ROOT service offering.

Private cloud

Eficode ROOT runs as a turn-key solution in a customer-specific private cloud environment managed and maintained by Eficode.  We are responsible for the availability, support and maintenance of the complete platform architecture including hardware, operating system, any supporting software, and the tool applications. 

All the above-mentioned parts are also covered by the Eficode ROOT full stack Service Level Agreement.

Public cloud

Eficode ROOT can be supplied from a public cloud service including (but not limited to) :

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform

Eficode ROOT has partnered with all of the major public cloud service provider meaning that we can offer a turn-key solution here as well.

In case a customer wishes to use their own cloud account, this requires a separate cloud service account or a sub-account remotely accessible by Eficode ROOT support and maintenance personnel with administrator level access. In this case Eficode is responsible for the system contained by the (sub)-account as a whole, including efficient usage of the cloud infrastructure.


Eficode ROOT can be installed and maintained in an on-premise datacenter managed by the customer or by a third party service provider. In these cases, the Eficode ROOT service team manages the platform tools remotely via secure network connections. In on-premise installations, Eficode's responsibility (including the SLA) typically covers the application layer tooling only, while the hardware and operating system layers are managed by the customer or a third party.  Check our on-premise infrastructure requirements for more information.