Eficode ROOT is a Managed DevOps service what offers world leading tools and toolchains from project management systems to automated testing and deployment and to runtime environments. It supports both cloud SaaS tooling and any cloud or traditional server infrastructure.

The service is tailored to customer's needs in order to fit the needs of all kinds of product development and support teams. It enables the teams to shift their focus entirely to value-adding project work instead of labour intensive, repetitive toolchain administration and maintenance tasks.

How can Eficode ROOT help you? See typical software production line issues addressed by Eficode ROOT.

Figure 1. Eficode ROOT toolchain


The scope of a customer implementation of Eficode ROOT may range from individual tools to complete toolchains.  A tooling platform may also be built in phases, by starting with a subset of the platform architecture. Small platform instances can be later expanded to a more complete integrated assembly line, that serve a very large number of users. The setup is highly flexible and can adapt to customer specific needs.

To help ensure smooth day-to-day tool operation, the Eficode ROOT service team takes responsibility for continuous platform development. Our tool experts continuously scan the market for new or improved solutions and make them available to customers as tested and pre-integrated platform extensions. 


Figure 2. Eficode ROOT hallmarks

Other Eficode ROOT service benefits include:

  • Available on many different environment options ranging from full cloud to on-prem - or hybrid if required
  • Key project assets (e.g. requirements, documentation, source code, installable packages) are stored safely and stay discoverable throughout the project life-cycle
  • The Eficode ROOT support and maintenance team makes sure all platform modifications (software upgrades, plugins, extensions, integrations, new tools) are done in a safe and managed way, without breaking any existing functionality
  • Fast platform deployment provides a fast track to having a DevOps-capable software assembly line 
  • The platform is pre-integrated to support tool-to-tool information sharing
  • Eficode ROOT proactive maintenance services make sure the platform is properly scaled, always available, and up-to-date
  • The Eficode ROOT support teams helps with platform usage and development, especially in highly demanding admin tasks
  • Eficode ROOT platform scales together with the customer organization, as the number of users and projects increases over time
  • Eficode’s professional services, whether leadership-focused, guiding cultural transformation, or hands-on implementation of automated software delivery pipelines, is readily available 
  • The optional Eficode ROOT Team Management (RTM) system provides a centralized access management system for all platform tooling
  • The optional Eficode ROOT Insights dashboards provide an end-to-end view of project quality and performance

Dedication to Quality

Managed DevOps is our bread and butter. We take our commitment to quality very seriously and aim to have really high customer loyalty and satisfaction.