While we encourage our customers to choose from our Example Eficode ROOT environments options, we also fully support customised Eficode ROOT instances that are individually designed to meet the individual customers' requirements and criteria.

Customer-specific variations include:

  1. Functional composition, e.g. which functionalities are chosen to be part of the managed service
  2. Tool selection. The reference architecture tools are recommended but not mandatory
  3. Environment selection
    1. Cloud (recommended)
    2. On-premise
  4. Integrations with customer networks
    1. User management (recommended)
    2. Secure connectivity (recommended)
    3. Integrations to tools outside the managed service scope (e.g. cloud-based tools such as Slack)
  5. Value add tools and services
    1. Eficode RTM for easy access management across the platform 
    2. Eficode ROOT Insights analytics and reporting
    3. Eficode Application Management including Cloud native support


The key criteria for choosing the tooling include the following:

  • Support for a wide selection of software development technologies
  • Flexible and extendable tool architecture
  • Active, tool provider or open source community-based development, support, and maintenance practices
  • Wide practical experience in using the tools in highly scalable software R&D environments
  • Endorsed and known by a large number of software development, quality assurance and operations personnel
  • Cost efficient