Data migration services

Eficode offers data migration services based on customer request, whether you need just content migration between environments or planning and executing the whole migration process. Data migration can include:

  • Strategy
  • Development
  • Process documentation
  • Content migration

All migrations are separately planned and executed without risking the legacy system operation.

Project onboarding support

Hands-on project onboarding support can be requested by customers. Onboarding assistance can include:

  • Project work space setup across the tool chain
  • Workflow design
  • Data migrations
  • CI/CD pipeline definition

See Customer onboarding flow description for more details.

Tool training

We offer one to two-day hands-on training sessions on various tools and platform usage. Our trainings are targeted at customer's admin users and project personnel and always tailored to the knowledge of the participants.

In addition to training about DevOps best practices, our training portfolio includes all Eficode ROOT platform tools such as Atlassian Jira and Confluence as well as Jenkins and Kubernetes.

You can also check our upcoming public courses at