This document describes the onboarding process for clients with an existing DevOps toolchain and project data to be migrated to the Eficode ROOT environment. 

Data migrations and customer project onboarding will be executed as a combination of: 

  • Tool-by-tool onboarding: Eficode will migrate all data from chosen tools with a single, tool-by-tool migration process and makes sure the migrated tools continue to work together with the rest of the legacy tool chain waiting for team-by-team migrations to complete
  • Team-by-team onboarding: Eficode and the customer will jointly migrate projects from the legacy system to the new one on a project-by-project or team-by-team basis   

The selection of the applied methodology varies based on the tool type. Some tools can be migrated with a one-shot migration process, whereas others require team-by-team migrations conducted over a longer time period.