Eficode ROOT supports a selection of industry leading DevOps software. Example Eficode ROOT environments provides overview of typical Eficode ROOT software selections. Additionally we offer services to Design and scope your dream platform that is tailored to meet your needs.

With Eficode ROOT, you can choose the scope of the service, whether you want to include all your tools or start small and grow with time. In any case you will benefit from our 15+ years of experience in providing DevOps tooling related consultancy, support, and maintenance services.

Eficode ROOT supports a wide range of deployment options, described in Environment options and Cloud Native Eficode ROOT, supporting for example public cloud environments as well as Atlassian Cloud.

Eficode ROOT supported software

Table 1 includes the current list of Eficode ROOT supported software and supported deployment models.

Tool name


Atlassian Jira Software

Project and ticket management

Atlassian Jira Service Management

Service management

Atlassian Confluence

Document management

Atlassian Bitbucket

Version control

Atlassian Bamboo

Continuous integration and delivery automation

Atlassian Opsgenie

Integration pipeline for your monitoring

Atlassian Statuspage

Service status monitoring

Atlassian Crowd

Identity management

Atlassian Access

Access Management

TrelloAgile task management


Version control, continuous integration and delivery automation

Github Enterprise

Version control, continuous integration and delivery automation


Continuous integration and delivery automation

SonarSource SonarQube

Static code analysis

Sonatype Nexus Repository

Artifact repository

Sonatype Nexus Lifecycle

Vulnerability scanning

Sonatype Nexus Firewall

Prevent bad content from being proxied through

JFrog Artifactory

Artifact repository

JFrog Xray

Vulnerability scanning


Container orchestration





Robot Framework

Automated testing


Infrastructure automation

GrafanaProject quality and performance dashboards

Eficode ROOT Team Management

Centralized user and group management

Azure Devops

VCS, CI/CD, issue management

SentryCode monitoring
Hashicorp VaultSecret management system
AnchoreContainer scanning
ExalateIntegrate your issue management
KeycloakIdentity provider for SAML2.0 and Oauth2.0
PackerPackage your own AMI

Table 1. Eficode ROOT supported software

Eficode ROOT end of support software

Table 2 includes a list of software of which no new long-term deployments are done in Eficode ROOT. Existing deployments are still supported. With new Eficode ROOT customers, we help with migration to other supported software and can provide short-term support services to end of support software to ensure a proper migration.

Tool name



Version control

Perforce Helix Teamhub

SVN and Git version control, centralized user management

Atlassian Crucible 

Code reviews

Atlassian Fisheye

Version control browser and search engine


Infrastructure automation


Infrastructure automation



Elastic stack

Log analysis


Team communications

CodeSonarStatic code analysis

Table 2. Eficode ROOT end of support software

Custom tooling

In case the Eficode ROOT supported software listing doesn't include the software you are looking for, feel free to contact us anyway as we are continuously evaluating the service content and supported software.