Application Management is a one-stop-shop for application support, lifecycle management and further development. We take care of your software application or system for you. The service covers maintenance and further development of software applications, be they simple websites or complex ERP solutions. Additionally, we offer support on the infrastructure level and can also host the software in multitude of environments.

We can take a software application that is already published or just about to go into production under our management. By doing so, we help our customers to cut their effort related to that software considerably.

The work is handled by our experienced team that has shared responsibilities between projects. Our processes are based on ITIL & Agile methods, and we employ the latest DevOps tools to ensure repeatable quality and reliable service in everything we do.

The support phase is preceded by a software handover. In the handover phase, knowledge, accesses and responsibilities are transitioned to our team. We also suggest conducting a maintainability assessment in the beginning to evaluate the maintainability and to be better prepared for the handover.

Figure 1: Support timeline


Application Management service relieves customers from their software maintenance tasks and helps allocate customer resources to their core business. . Customer’s own people can shift their focus on providing more value instead of reacting to incidents, fixing bugs and further developing the existing solution.

Other Application Management service benefits include:

  • Capable and experienced team at your service
  • Proactive approach to finding possible problems and resolving them before they result in service failures.
  • Fast, flexible reaction when problems arise. Any issue we face is taken seriously and solved with high repeatable quality.
  • Continuous improvements to keep your service up-to-date.
  • Extended life cycle for your service by following version updates and making sure that technical debt is avoided.
  • Benefits of modern software development tools and pipelines.
  • Vast know-how: our experienced support team gets help from Eficode’s Design, UX, Software, Devops and Platform specialists when needed.
  • Reaction to any and every customer need.
  • Visibility